The Green Book

The Green Book is a collection of history about the Berkeley Student Cooperative (formerly known as the the U.S.C.A. and the U.C.S.C.A.).

  1. Cheap Place to Live was written by Guy Lillian in 1971 as part of a U.S.C.A. funded project during the summer of 1971.

  2. Barrington Hall - Architectural History was written by Joel Rane in 1986 as part of his undergraduate studies at U.C. Berkeley.

  3. Counterculture's Last Stand was written by Krista Gasper in 2002 as part of her undergraduate studies at U.C. Berkeley.

  4. Casa Zimbabwe: A House History was written by Rachel Banningā€Lover in 2011.

Responses to The Green Book

  1. Joel Rane's Response
  2. Other Responses

Older Material

* - Only contains Cheap Place to Live, Counterculture's Last Stand and selected comments.